Indulging yourself this Holiday is not the only reason for the season

Holiday cookies
Although many may dread putting on a couple pounds during the Holiday, believe it or not, there is a way to stay active during the busy Holiday season. Even if it does mean baking those cookies you’ve been looking forward to all year around! Here are some Holiday activities, that whether you believe it or not, will have you burning some calories!


Walk in the mall: 1 hour (135 calories)
›Chasing after kids: 1 hour (120 calories)
›Baking Holiday Treats: 1 hour (159 calories)
›Wrapping Gifts: 30 minutes (48 calories)
›General to heavy house cleaning: 1 hour (191 calories)
›Food Preparation: 1 hour (195 calories)
›Grocery Shopping: 30 minutes (73 calories)
›Playing active Wii Games: 15 minutes (100 calories)
Dancing around: 30 minutes (100 calories)
›Laughing: 1.3 calories/minute


Health tips that could save you a couple pounds this Holiday season›

    • Take the edge off your hunger before a party: Eat a small, low-fat snack such as fruit or low-fat cheese before.
    • ›Make just one trip to the party buffet: Choose only the foods you really want to eat and keep portions small. Move away from the buffet table to eliminate snacking.
    • ›Bring a dish: Contribute your favorite healthy dish to the holiday buffet.
    • ›Savor every bite: Eating slowly reduces your chances of eating too much
    • ›Drink water: Many times we will over-eat because we are dehydrated and thirsty. Make sure that your water intake is adequate.
    • ›Meet and greet: Conversation is calorie-free.
    • ›Choose lower-calorie party foods: Go easy on fried appetizers and cheese cubes. Have raw vegetables or fruit.
    • ›Be realistic: Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays.
    • ›Make yourself a goal to do something active each day.
    • ›Limit alcohol consumption.


Whatever you do this Holiday season, try to stay active and enjoy the season! For those students home for the Holidays, we’re anxious to see you back at UREC in January for another semester of fun, fitness, and health. Stay tuned on our website for exciting programs and offerings the Spring will bring us. Happy Holidays from all of us at UREC!

Lacee Breeden // UREC Coordinator of Fitness & Wellness

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